1 Stone Street, Llandovery

History of the building

Nos. 1 and 1a, Stone Street, Pentre House, constitute a single building, two-storied and of modest proportions, with a stuccoed front and a slated roof, hipped at the Southern end, with eaves. Two Victorian shop-bays which are connected by a flat roof over the central doorway project on to the pavement and extend across the ground floor. There are three windows above. The main building has walls about three feet thick and is possibly mediaeval or Tudor. Another indication of antiquity is that the floors of the rooms are well below street level. The interior shows early nineteenth century details. (Pages from the history of Llandovery – Alfred Theodore Arber-Cooke)

The project

In 2008 lottery funding was secured to restore 1 Stone Street, (now a shop selling a range of general products), to it’s former glory. Dinefwr Joinery won the contract to undertake the restoration of all the exterior woodwork, this included

  • 7 six over six box sash windows
  • Front and side doors
  • Restore the 2 victorian shop bay windows
  • Aesthetically designed shop front from information gathered via Carmarthenshire county council relayed to architect
  • Circular columns designed to match findings of rotten pillar remains  found under render